The Nord-Est Region is an area with a rich historical, cultural and spiritual background. Geographically, the region goes from mountain ranges in the West, towards the gentle plateaus with important vineyards and rolling plains with large farms in the East. It is also one of the tourist destinations in Romania.

The economy of the North-East region is mixed, agricultural, especially towards the East and with a number of industrial centers. In the region there are 3 international airports – Iași, Bacău and Suceava, serving both domestic and foreign flights. Iași Airport also offers general cargo facilities.

WIRE 2019 will be organised by North-East Regional Development Agency under the agenda of the Romanian EU Council Presidency 2019, with the support of the Ministry for Research and Innovation in Romania and cofinancing from European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020 Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation.

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