Press release / 27.06.2019

The 10th edition of the Conference “Week of Innovative Regions in Europe” started today in Iasi North-East Romania, under the motto “Explore. Create. Innovate in your region!” 

Being the last event dedicated to research and innovation in the calendar of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the event gathers over 270 participants from 33 countries, representing universities, research and innovation centers, clusters ministries and governmental bodies, regional development organizations, entrepreneurs and professional associations.

Focused on three imperatives: explore, create and innovate, WIRE X 2019 encourages knowledge exchange and the quest for practical solutions for smart and sustainable economic transformation through research and innovation. The conference goes along the path from regional excellence to European and global value chains, seeking for synergies between societal needs and R&I agenda, and among financial instruments, knowledge and entrepreneurship.

WIRE X 2019 represents the main European policy forum for innovation and regional development, providing a platform for policy makers, public authorities, knowledge centres and enterprises from all over Europe to discuss R&I practices, throughout the European regions, with a direct view on the current and future EU funding programmes. The conference provides the participants 3 days of seminars, roundtables and workshops supported by over 60 lecturers with valuable expertise worldwide.

At the official opening, in the Central Universitary Library, the participants received powerful welcome speeches from  Mr. Nicolae Hurduc, the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation, Mr. Maricel  Popa, President of the Iasi County Council, Mr. Sorin Brașoveanu, the President of the North-East Regional Development Board and Vasile Asandei, Director General of North-East Regional Development Agency.

The event is organized under the agenda of the Romanian EU Council Presidency 2019, by North-East Regional Development Agency with the support of European Commission, Directorate General for Research, Technology and Innovation and the Ministry for Research and Innovation in Romania.

Representing The European Commission, special guest to this event, Mrs. Signe Ratso, Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Research Innovation, stated: “The informal meeting of the heads of states in Sibiu stressed that research and innovation will be vital to shape Europe’s sustainable future.  We will need all actors, at EU, national and regional levels, to get involved in this and tap into all of our R&I potential, also that potential which is currently underused. The European Commission has put a lot of effort in ensuring that its funding instruments work hand in hand to support this endeavour. The future Horizon Europe programme will offer new possibilities for synergies with Cohesion policy, allowing to combine different sources of EU funding to enhance impact. WIRE X 2019 facilitates a better positioning of regional actors to strengthen and enlarge research and innovation capacity in Europe.

“Economic transformation, digitalisation, excellence, global markets, regional innovation ecosystems and, of course, education are some of the main topic approached in this year’s WIRE conference. But, as you may have noticed, we don’t quit have the opportunity to choose the subjects, because the subjects immerse from our global reality and from our need to continuously  adapt, but in an intelligent manner. Our hole gratitude goes to the European Commission, especially DG RTD, that supported this effort, to our Research an Innovation Minister, to our local and regional partners and to the speakers that choosed to share with us their expertise, their challenges, best practices, but also their learned lessons. I truly believe that you won’t just remember this event as “another conference”, but the things that we discuss here will have an impact on our future together. Thank you all for being part of WIRE X 2019” said Vasile Asandei,  Director General of North-East Regional Development Agency.

The event will continue until 28th of June 2019, Iaşi, România : Palace of Culture, Iaşi