Conference Venue

A complete Google map with all WIRE X 2019 locations can be find here.

Useful distances / walking time

Hotel International – Palace of Culture 500 m / 6 min
Hotel International – Central University Library 2.1 km / 30 min
Palace of Culture – Central University Library 1.9 km / 25 min
Palace of Culture – Rossini Room, Verdi Room 200 m / 2 min
Palace of Culture – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi – “Corp. A” and “Corp B” 2.4 km / 33 min
Palace of Culture – La Castel Restaurant 9 km (transfer by bus)
  • Iasi Palace of Culture

    Address: 1, Stefan cel Mare și Sfant Boulevard, Iasi

The Iasi Palace of Culture is an early 20th century Neo-Gothic flamboyant architectural masterpiece and iconic building located in the centre of Iasi. The palace is one of the biggest buildings in the entire country, it covers an area of 34,236 m2. The building contains an astounding 298 rooms and an impressive 128 windows.

The Iasi Palace of Culture is built on the ruins of the 15th century medieval Royal Court of Moldavia of 1434, as well as on the ruins of a previous palace that once stood in its place. The building is designated a historical monument of Romania. The palace is located at a main focal point in the city of Iaşi. In fact, the entire city was designed in a way that the main streets would all lead back to the palace.

  • Palas Conference Centre – Rossini Room, Verdi Room

    Address: 7A, Palas Street, Iasi

It is part of the Palas Iasi – a new multi-functional building project that opened in May 2012. It is located near the “Palace of Culture”.

  • Central University Library of Iasi

    Address: 4, Pacurari Street, Iasi

The Mihai Eminescu Central University Library of Iasi serves the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. Located in the centre area of Iasi.

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

    – “Corp. A” and “Corp B”
    11, Carol I Boulevard, Iasi

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest higher education institution in Romania. Since 1860, the university has been carrying on a tradition of excellence and innovation in the fields of education and research. Located in the proximity of Central University Library.

  • La Castel Restaurant

    – located 9 km from city centre (transfer by bus)
    54, Mihail Sadoveanu Street, Iasi

Placed in a wonderful natural setting, La Castel restaurant and summer garden offer a complete culinary experience.

  • Hotel International Iasi

    5A, Palat Street, Iasi

4-star hotel located in Iasi city center. Beautiful views of the Palace of Culture and close to main tourist attractions and cultural areas.

Flight information

Given the fact that the event takes place in Iași, the most suitable would be to ask your flight booking agencies to arrange your flight directly to Iași Airport. Usually, depending on your country of origin, this city could be reached easily by flying via Bucharest or via Vienna. In order to check various ticketing opportunities and connections, please find below a few useful links:

Iași Airport:

TAROM – Romanian Airlines Transport:
Austrian Airlines:
Brussels Airlines:
Wizz Air:
Blue Air:


We recommend booking at the following hotels:
International Hotel – a 4* hotel located in the city center
Unirea Hotel – a 4* hotel located in the city center
Astoria Hotel – a 3* hotel located in the city center
Ramada Hotel – a 3* hotel located in the city center

For more accommodation options we recommend checking

Currency information

The official currency in Romania is “Leu” abbreviated RON (Romanian New Leu) whereas the plural is “Lei” (lay). Even though part of the European Union, the country has not yet adopted Euro, so please make sure to exchange your money in our official currency.  Some hotels, shops and restaurants might accept USD or EUR, but that is an exception rather than the rule, and the exchange rate won’t be in your favor. The best deal is using ATMs.

GUIDED TOURS – Iasi city

We invite you to discover the history and beauty of Iasi in two tours of Iasi organized by

Iasi Tour 1: Walking on the “Street of the boyars” – from the Palace of Culture to Union Square

Tourist attractions:
Palace of Culture, Church of St. Nicholas, Dosoftei House, Three Hierarchs Monastery, Roznovanu Palace, Catholic Cathedral, Metropolitan Cathedral, Metropolitan Museum, “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater, Moldova Iasi Philharmonic, Cuza Voda Street, Union Square, Statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Traian Hotel, Unirii Museum.

Iasi Tour 2: History files from Copou Hill to Union Square

Tourist attractions:
Copou Park with Eminescu’s lime tree, Obelisk of Organic Regulations, “Mihai Eminescu” Museum and the Romanian Theater Collection, The Knight’s Statue in Attack, the Al. I. Cuza University Museum, The Hall of the Lost Footsteps and the wonderful mural paintings signed by Sabin Bălaşa, House of General Berthelot, Canta House, Pogor House, Children’s Palace, Voivodes Park, Central University Library, Students House of Culture / Jockey Club, Lăpuşneanu Street, Union Museum, Union Square, Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s Statue, Traian Hotel

Tourist guide service fee for Iasi tours: 350 RON + 35 RON / participant [for groups of minimum 8 participants]
Duration: approx. 3.5 hours
Included services: Romanian / English specialized guide throughout the route
Services not included: entrance fees, photo fees, other personal expenses

If you want to book a guided tour please contact TravelBlitzZ at:
Carol I Bd., no 26-28, Iasi
email:, Mobile: +40 744.574.156 / +40 741.063.125

GUIDED TOURS – North-East Region Romania

If you are interested to take a tour outside Iasi we recommend tours organized by, please visit this link:

Sample tours:

Bucovina Tour: This Bucovina tour takes you to the most famous monasteries in Bukovina, providing a good introduction to the area.

photo source:

Monasteries and Fine Villages Tour: This tour takes you to the three pillars of Moldavia: the fortresses around which Moldavia developed, the traditional way of life in distant villages and nevertheless the monasteries that kept the faith alive.

For further information about travel in Iasi please visit