Flight information

Given the fact that the event takes place in Iași, the most suitable would be to ask your flight booking agencies to arrange your flight directly to Iași Airport. Usually, depending on your country of origin, this city could be reached easily by flying via Bucharest or via Vienna. In order to check various ticketing opportunities and connections, please find below a few useful links:

Iași Airport: http://www.aeroport.ro/

TAROM – Romanian Airlines Transport: http://www.tarom.ro/en/
Austrian Airlines: http://www.austrian.com/?cc=UK&sc_lang=en
Brussels Airlines: http://www.brusselsairlines.com/en-be/
Wizz Air: https://wizzair.com/
Blue Air: https://www.blueairweb.com/first-page/


We recommend booking at the following hotels:
International Hotel – a 4* hotel located in the city center
Unirea Hotel – a 4* hotel located in the city center
Astoria Hotel – a 3* hotel located in the city center
Ramada Hotel – a 3* hotel located in the city center

For more accommodation options we recommend checking www.booking.com.

Currency information

The official currency in Romania is “Leu” abbreviated RON (Romanian New Leu) whereas the plural is “Lei” (lay). Even though part of the European Union, the country has not yet adopted Euro, so please make sure to exchange your money in our official currency.  Some hotels, shops and restaurants might accept USD or EUR, but that is an exception rather than the rule, and the exchange rate won’t be in your favor. The best deal is using ATMs.

For further information about travel in Iasi please visit https://wikitravel.org/en/Iasi